Bedroom TypeUnit Size (sqft)No. Of UnitsStarting From
Condo-1 Bedroom635 to 754 sqft30
SOHO-1 Bedroom + Study646 to 700 sqft 90$1,199,589
2 Bedroom937 to 990 sqft40100% Sold
3 Bedroom (Compact)1141 to 1346 sqft 11100% Sold
3 Bedroom1184 to 1399 sqft20100% Sold
4 Bedroom (Compact)1701 to 1712 sqft 8100% Sold
Townhouse657 to 700 sqft78100% Sold

Prices (Rental)

Bedroom TypeAvailable DateFurnishingStarting From
SOHO-1 Bedroom+StudyTakenPartial

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